Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Popping In For a Quick Hello

Hey guys.  Long time no see.  Why? Because Quinn and I have been extremely busy.  Wait strike that.  I have been pretty busy.  Quinn is on strike for posting till he gets his new computer.  Speaking of Quinn's new computer, here is the flustering story of trying to start Quinn's new computer.  So Quinn, for the last couple of month's has had a infatuation with Skyrim.  He would spend hours on the Skyrim forums, chatting(or what every you do on a forum).  Oh let me mention he doesn't have the game yet.  Anyway.  On Saturday we go to the computer store, and buy all the parts.  When we return home, we build the computer, and turn it on.  All the parts fire to life.  That is all but the screen.  There was no output.  The next day we take it to the store, and waited 2 hours in customer service.  I studied for my chem exam(which I took today), and Quinn went, and played some of the stores video games.  Finally we were up, and the guy looked at it, and said with out missing a bit.  You guys are missing the 8-pin connector.  So the guy helped us assemble the computer right then and there.  We arrived at home, and popped in the Windows 7 installation disk.  Guess what? It froze.  We spent the next couple of hours trying to install Windows7, but no such luck.  Quinn, gave the computer store his computer, and so now he has to wait a couple days to get it back.  So now I am getting my bass before he gets his computer.  Oh right forgot to mention that I am getting a new bass(actually I didn't.  I just need a corny transition)  Yes I am getting a new bass, and it should arrive any second now.  I will show you later.  Bye for now.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Zafaria Is Coming Out!

     So if you read our blog before logging on, or your waiting for the update, it is coming out today. Check it out:
"Wizard101 is going offline tonight to bring you Zafaria and the other scheduled updates."

"Wizard101 will be offline tonight from 112:00am, to 10:00am Central US Time."

As Quinn and I won't be renewing our subscriptions, it would be much appreciated if some of the bloggers would upload some of their pictures of their adventures.

Thanks in advance


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Video of the New Wizard101 World

New Spells, New World, and New methods of gardening.

More Wizard101 Videos

There are also some cool pictures, and other news here.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

7 Ways To Get Your Comments Liked On Youtube

    This is one the more pointless posts, but hey who cares.  It is always fun to see you get 22 "thumbs up" on a popular video.  Well if you haven't had a liked comment, on youtube, but you think it is the most hilarious thing in the world, well guess what it isn't.

1.Make a comment on how many dislikes this certain video got. ex.  "30 people don't have a life.", "207 people don't have a sense of humor."

2.Say"Thumbs up for/if", and then something witty. ex.  "Thumbs up if I am going to get a top rated comment.", or on a lot of the comedy videos"thumbs up if,....wait I have no life."

3.Requote the Punchline/Best Part ex.  "No Deal"

4.State the obvious ex.  "Lol he has a big beard"

5.State the not so obvious "The guy at 1:03 was drinking some kool aid lol"

6.Ask a question for the people that uploaded the video."How did you get those cool effects?"

7.Answer A Question "@SoAndSo You can like this comment by hitting the thumbs up button"


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Why I Love Team Fortress 2

 Team Fortress 2 has to be the best game of all time.  Why?  Because:
You don't have to pay, and I am just fine, and don't feel any compulsion to buy anything with in the game

They don't have to be constantly, to keep their players entertained.

Finally it is just flat out fun, because if you suck, you can still have fun.

Here are some cool pictures.

I believe I can fly

Fire Breather

Just an awesome picture.

Madame, e merci le canto e (Fin's lame interpretation of French babble)

There goes the Soldier

Another Cool Picture.

If you aren't too scared of blood, and just want a game that is quick, and fun, then this is the best game for you.  Unlike most first person shooters, this one doesn't try to simulate real life, which makes the game have this weird feel, and there are no weapons which are overpowered.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Find Her There!

Okay, now we have a new preview. Check it out!

Lets add the first and second preview to the mix, just so we can compare.

First up, the completed message:

Down in the depths.
At the top of the world.
Find her there.
(translation courtesy of  Kevin Battleblood)

Next up, lets play I Spy! 

Clearly, there is going to be some sort of elephant race, inspired by, it looks like Indian culture (turbans) and ancient Zimbabwe culture (that round stone house). There is also some sort of dock decorated with helephant tusks, with a boat that looks very much like something out of the Victorian era and Livingstone, an early explorer of the African interior. The best part about this picture, though, is the water. Look at it! Very nice compared to what we have currently. 

A Great Zimbabwe tower. It has a very distinctive circular shape, similar to what is shown in the Sun Palace and for (h?)elephant architecture.

Next up, we have a gorilla race, that seems to be living in thatched villages similar to the Water-Moles villages in Celestia, only based on African tribal villages not Polynesian villages. In the background, there seems to be some sort of Shaman, though he is rather hard to make out. The only bit I'm less than pleased about is the models around the villages; namely, the trees. Bad KI! Using recycled models! Guess I shouldn't complain though....get updated water, lose new trees *shrug*

Lastly, we have the third and, in my opinion, the coolest one. In the foreground we have those very cool Morgantine lieutenants, only seen a few times in the game: the intro quests for Celestia and that one NPC in Stormriven who (SPOILER ALERT) totally goes all HAHAHAHA you listened to me, now I'm powerful...and die! And after dealing with the horrendous drop rates of that quest too :\ but I digress...moving on, my personal hatred of certain Stormriven NPCs who give quests with really, really, really low drop rates is irrelevant.

Anyways, hopefully they won't be advertised as being in the world, and show up once or twice, and we get to see more of these. This does seem likely though. Look at the ziggurat in the background. Call me biased (or WoW brainwashed) but it reminds me of Azhol Nerub, the giant underground kingdom of the spider people. Those were some really cool dungeons too...take a look, and tell me you don't see a similarity!

Since Morganthe is the Spider Queen, and I would be very surprised if none of the devs of Wizard101 ever played WoW, there was probably at least some inspiration from WoW to Wizard101.

Finally, look at those peoples clothes. More Marleybonian clothes! Take a look at this picture of Stanley, another early Victorian (Victorian = Marleybone) explorer and see if you see a similarity, again, I think you will.

If the Marleybonians keep exploring, they are seriously going to need to expand their museum...a lot.

Anyways, that's enough for today. I'm going to go on a bike ride with my dad, and I will save my story analysis post for later (maybe tomorrow). Thanks for reading!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Down In The Depths

Apparently, the secret message at the top of the teaser for the new world says "Down in the depths".

When Arlen Dawneyes told me that on Twitter, my first reaction was, "Duh! Its the Storm Titan!". I think I got it correct.

Why? First of all, Titans are a main antagonist. Maybe I'm going with the Dragonball Z mentality of there always is a bigger baddie, but I seriously doubt Morganthe, who's evil plan for world domination was first foiled by the Dragon Titan, is going to just ignore the Titan.

Somehow, I have a feeling that the story of the next main villain in the Spiral, is going to end up with us caught in a war between Morganthe and the Storm Titan.

This is all speculation, of course, but I don't see what else could be "Down in the deeps". Arlen seemed to think that it was referring to something in the river in the background of that picture, but I don't think that that's correct.

All I know is, wherever the story is going, I'll be watching and enjoying it.