Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Popping In For a Quick Hello

Hey guys.  Long time no see.  Why? Because Quinn and I have been extremely busy.  Wait strike that.  I have been pretty busy.  Quinn is on strike for posting till he gets his new computer.  Speaking of Quinn's new computer, here is the flustering story of trying to start Quinn's new computer.  So Quinn, for the last couple of month's has had a infatuation with Skyrim.  He would spend hours on the Skyrim forums, chatting(or what every you do on a forum).  Oh let me mention he doesn't have the game yet.  Anyway.  On Saturday we go to the computer store, and buy all the parts.  When we return home, we build the computer, and turn it on.  All the parts fire to life.  That is all but the screen.  There was no output.  The next day we take it to the store, and waited 2 hours in customer service.  I studied for my chem exam(which I took today), and Quinn went, and played some of the stores video games.  Finally we were up, and the guy looked at it, and said with out missing a bit.  You guys are missing the 8-pin connector.  So the guy helped us assemble the computer right then and there.  We arrived at home, and popped in the Windows 7 installation disk.  Guess what? It froze.  We spent the next couple of hours trying to install Windows7, but no such luck.  Quinn, gave the computer store his computer, and so now he has to wait a couple days to get it back.  So now I am getting my bass before he gets his computer.  Oh right forgot to mention that I am getting a new bass(actually I didn't.  I just need a corny transition)  Yes I am getting a new bass, and it should arrive any second now.  I will show you later.  Bye for now.


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