Saturday, October 29, 2011

7 Ways To Get Your Comments Liked On Youtube

    This is one the more pointless posts, but hey who cares.  It is always fun to see you get 22 "thumbs up" on a popular video.  Well if you haven't had a liked comment, on youtube, but you think it is the most hilarious thing in the world, well guess what it isn't.

1.Make a comment on how many dislikes this certain video got. ex.  "30 people don't have a life.", "207 people don't have a sense of humor."

2.Say"Thumbs up for/if", and then something witty. ex.  "Thumbs up if I am going to get a top rated comment.", or on a lot of the comedy videos"thumbs up if,....wait I have no life."

3.Requote the Punchline/Best Part ex.  "No Deal"

4.State the obvious ex.  "Lol he has a big beard"

5.State the not so obvious "The guy at 1:03 was drinking some kool aid lol"

6.Ask a question for the people that uploaded the video."How did you get those cool effects?"

7.Answer A Question "@SoAndSo You can like this comment by hitting the thumbs up button"




    Oh, and Team Fortress 2 is cool also.

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