Friday, January 28, 2011

Quinn's Guide to Myth Deck Setups

Before I get into my guide, I have some WoW news I must get through. (*Collective Groan* "Gosh is it really THAT bad?") I promise I'll be quick: 1: Ben got a flying mount. They are addictive to fly around on. 2: I hit lvl 57 so I am not leaving Wizard101 until I'm Legend.

There! I'm done! And no one died of boredom (that I know of)!

And without further ado...

Quinn's Guide to Myth Deck Setups
(a.k.a Quinn's First Guide)
Step 1: Know thy enemy. 

Myth is not one of those walk right into the battle with any old deck and expect to live to tell the tale. To survive and put up a reasonably good fight, you must know what your enemy will take out of you. 

Example one, mob fight in anywhere but Celestia: This battle is going to be reasonable easy, and the enemies will not hit hard enough to justify stacking your deck with heals. A small deck will do.

Example two, boss fight anywhere: This battle will not be as quick and easy, and you can expect the enemy to actually give you a hard time. Even if you aren't soloing, a largish deck (10-20 cards below level 20, 40-50 cards above level 20) will be necessary.

Step 2: Know thy role.

Are you life secondary school and want to heal, are you acting as a tank with some sort of taunt (can get these from the death tree) or are you damage? This will define your deck. If you know you have a life wizard with you who will heal you, and all you need to do is damage the enemy, don't bother with heals. If you have a Storm wizard nuking the boss with one Leviathan after another, just act as a shield breaker and don't bother cramming your deck with damage cards.

Step 3: Be prepared for change.

As a myth wizard, having a tiny deck can have some horrible consequences. If your deck is somewhat like figure A (see below), beware of unwanted battlers coming in and dragging enemies. In Celestia, beware, others may not want to heal you. I have lost many battles that I started from having someone drag an extra enemy in. As a result, in Celestia I generally keep my deck like figure C.

Step 4: Use your sideboard.

This is also very important. The sideboard reduces almost all randomness in a battle. I usually use if for emergency heals, but you can use it for whatever you want. This can also help remedy the disadvantages of the deck in Figure A. If you have someone else join the battle, you can use the sideboard to have a few emergency heals and some attacks in case you run out of humungofrogs and the enemy still has some life left. See figures D and E to see two of my favorite sideboards.

Figure A: A Minimalist Deck

Figure B: A Non-Celestian Boss Fight (knock 'em out one at a time)

Figure C: A Celestian Boss Fight/All Purpose Deck (Use AoEs for extra damage)

Figure D: My Sideboard o' Emergency Heals

Figure E: My Sideboard o' Anything that Might Help

Note: For lower levels, replace damage spells with any appropriate lower level damage spell (generally, Troll=Minotaur, Cyclops=Orthrus, Minotaur=Medusa).

Hope this is useful for anyone dying in Celestia and plays myth!



  1. Hmm, I just pack Mythblades, a Time of Legend amulet, Frogs + Gargantuan and wing 'em on most mobs. Much faster than one at a time if you ask me ;) but cool guide! Just asking, whats with all the earthquakes in the boss deck? I only like those for PvP :P. Yep, I'm minimalist (and Treant polymorph is a must for boss fights :))

  2. Lol this post is for people who cannot buy the astral schools, though you are right about the treant polymorph. The Earthquake is for adding more AoEs to my deck, just increasing the total amount of damage in it.