Friday, December 17, 2010

Do You Have an iPad and Wished You Could Play Wizard101 on It?

DO you have an iPad and wished you could play Wizard101? Would you like to be to tired to get up and yet still be able to level your long neglected sorcerer? (This is for the unsanitary people) Would you like to go for a Malistaire run while taking a dump?

If you answer yes to all those questions (except maybe the last one) click here, now.

EveryAir basically puts a computer on your iPad. I'm not quite sure how it works, but you can download games, use flash player, etc. It is mostly advertised for WoW, but it seems to be able to work on every kind of game, so go get it and download Wizard101!

I don't have an iPad so I am not, unfortunately speaking from first hand experience. I have no idea if '101 will work or not. It seems to be able to work ANY game, so there is a pretty good chance Wizard101 will work.

Benjamin, my brother, may get an iPad at the end of this school year. If so, we will definitely download it and tell everyone how it works.


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